The Challenge

Asset management plans are extremely complex. Effective planning requires a balancing act which contemplates fluctuating annual budgets, shifting strategic priorities, service levels objectives and public expectations, risk and safety considerations, cross-departmental co-operation, and due consideration to political objectives. Our software enables you to simply manage this complexity. We help you build a plan you believe in and can stand behind.

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User accessing data on the Decision Optimization Technology (DOT) Software


For a practical decision support tool to produce the right plan, the civil engineering must be right. Prioritization and cost benefit analysis methodologies cannot manage the plan’s complexity. Instead, you will want to utilize state-of-the-art, multiyear, multi-constraint optimization algorithms. Further, the software should have the flexibility to reflect your unique requirements and give due consideration to socio-economic and risk factors in the analytical process. Finally, for your decision-makers, your boots on the ground, and your varied stakeholders, the software must produce outcomes that are consistently supported and fully implementable. Learn more how the DOT™ software provides you with definitive and defensible recommendations that you can rely on.

Consulting Services

At Infrastructure Solutions, we apply our experience, industry leading best practices, and correct levels of technology to offer municipalities Engineering, Consulting, Financial Analysis, and the highest level of customer support. With more than 10 years of hand-on experience in the municipal market, Infrastructure Solutions has proudly offered Asset Management Planning, Financial Planning, Water Rate Analyses, Policies and Procedures, and Data Collection services to over 200 municipal governments.

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What our clients are saying?

  • Forterie municipality logo

    “We are now building a 10-year capital plan using ISI’s DOT (Decision Optimization Technology) Roads capital planning software which will give us an implementable and defensible strategy for reducing our infrastructure deficit and maximizing our level of service to our community.”

  • Whitby municipality logo

    “DOT™ software being effectively utilized to illustrate the effects of various funding levels have upon the health of our road system. We use DOT™ to develop our capital program and generate reports with even greater effectiveness through its GIS capabilities and dashboard visualizations.”

  • Sarnia municipality logo

    “ISI has produced a comprehensive capital planning tool for road infrastructure that is extremely user-friendly. The output data obtained through the ISI software is precise and reliable. Building DOT™ capital plans in-house can save a municipality months of time and hundreds of thousands of dollars in consulting fees.”

  • Lincoln municipality logo

    “DOT™ capital planning software develops a comprehensive and detailed road network maintenance, rehabilitation and reconstruction strategy for reducing our infrastructure deficit and ensures we provide the highest level of service for the residents of Lincoln.”

  • Saugeen municipality logo

    “DOT™ software has helped us optimize our planning and begin developing a plan to mitigate our infrastructure deficit. The staff is always timely in their communication and knowledgeable about infrastructure and their software solution.”

  • Revelstoke municipality logo

    “DOT™ is extremely user-friendly. This software complimented the analysis previously conducted, allowing staff a better understanding of the City’s asset needs and priorities.”

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